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'The healthiest mindset a leader can take on is a mindset of gratitude. Things you appreciate tend to get better; things you depreciate tend to get worse.' - @richwilkersonjr via @vousfnf

VOUSCon 2023

Re-live workshop experiences from VOUSCon 2023, designed to equip and empower you with practical handles for leadership, life, and faith.

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Browse our collection of articles, practical tools and video content to help you develop as a leader. The greatest act of leadership is to serve. If you're too big to serve, you're too small to lead. These resources are designed to help you train and develop as a leader.


The art of communication is more than well-placed words. Delivering skillful messages that connect and inspire change can take years to shape and season. At VOUS, we believe in empowering and equipping the next generation of leaders. In our Sermons category, you'll find sermon notes, outlines, topical material, and pre-packaged sermon collections that reach your audience with topics that are relevant and compelling.


Worship is more than singing songs, it’s our soul’s response to God in every aspect of our daily lives. At VOUS, we feel called to set that response to music, to craft lyrics and melodies that seek to express what we have experienced. Check out our resources on how our Worship Department plans worship sets, creates tracks and much more.


Our production teams understand that people see us before they hear us. At VOUS, we don’t practice on people, we create an environment that is distraction free by preparing in advance. Check out our resources on programming, preparing platform teams, executing creative moments, rehearsals and running effective campaigns.


The Church has the greatest message in the world. How can we become the best in the world at delivering it? At VOUS, our creative teams leverage marketing, design, and social media to share the greatest story ever told. Check out our resources on the Creative Department.


Without a plan, dreams are just wishful thinking. At VOUS, we carry the vision of the house and execute it with excellence. From logistics and event planning, to organizational staffing and development, operations teams works diligently behind the scenes to maintain a spirit of excellence in every area of our church.

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THURSDAY, JUNE 16 • miami, florida

Meet Friends + Family at VOUS Conference

VOUS Conference Friends + Family Lunch

Join Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. and friends for an intimate network gathering focused on leadership. Spend the afternoon meeting other church builders and gaining practical handles for growth.

*** Limited spots available ***

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