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Introducing VOUS Friends + Family

At VOUS, we never want to go at it alone. We believe in passing on what we’ve learned and creating spaces for others to resource one another.

The vision of VOUS Friends + Family is to build a long-lasting, sustainable community where people can be equipped, empowered, and encouraged.

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Access a growing library of resources

Gain access to our growing library of sermons, organizational resources, worship songs, graphics and more — developed and used by our VOUS team.

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Grow in health with leadership tools

Leadership development materials and organizational tools to help structure your church and teams.

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You weren’t meant to do life alone.

Surround yourself with a vibrant community of leaders who you can ask tough questions and walk through life together.

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Looking for answers?

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What kind of resources are in your library?

Resources include leadership content, training material, team playbooks, and creative assets across the different departments of our church.

How much does the membership cost?

There is no membership fee for VOUS Friends + Family

Does a membership subscription come with any additional perks?

A membership subscription gives you access to exclusive VOUS resources, as well as, direct communication with the VOUS team, opportunities to network with other members, first priority registration to VOUS round tables and webinars, and special accommodations for VOUS Conference.

Who will chat back to me with answers to my questions?

Your questions will be directed and answered by members of our staff as well as leaders within the departments that the questions pertain to. Our goal is to help connect you with the most accurate information in the quickest way possible.

Can I suggest any new features?

Yes! Our community is strengthened by the input of others. Please submit your constructive feedback for us here.

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