The Role of Operations in Organizational Excellence

Kat Rowse

August 11, 2022
5 min read

Our operations teams are some of the most visible representations of the mission of our church. There’s an incredible opportunity for this department set the tone for our entire army of Servant Leaders.

Kat Rowse

The operations department is one of the areas of our church closest to my heart. You can find the hands of this department in many areas of our church, serving behind the scenes and on the frontlines. It’s a leadership-oriented department focused on caring for our Servant Leaders and raising up new leaders who will replicate a pastoral heart across all teams.

One of the things I love most about our church is that there is a place for everyone. No matter a person’s background and story, there is always a seat at the table with their name. As our church expands across different locations, so does the importance of uniformity across our teams — while each one serves a different role, the heart and vision of VOUS Church stay the same. Many of our operations teams interact directly with guests, making them some of the most visible representations of the mission of our church. There’s an incredible opportunity (and responsibility) for this department to set the tone for our entire army of Servant Leaders.

Here are three ways we utilize our operations teams to maintain uniformity across our church.


Our vision for all of our teams is to have layers of leadership. This helps provide accountability, discipleship, and development. Ideally, every team has three leadership levels: Team Leads, Service Leads, and Servant Leaders.

Team Leads — The Servant Leaders leading the charge. Preferably, we have one serving the morning block and one in the evening block.

Service Leads — We aim to have two Service Leads for every service. Their role is to take ownership over that space.

Servant Leaders — The incredible volunteers who make up the team.

Team Leads communicate to Service Leads, who communicate to the team of Servant Leaders.

It takes time to implement this structure because teams are not built overnight. As you are developing your leadership structure and growing your teams, be encouraged in the process. Great leaders replicate themselves, making layers of leadership attainable in the right season.


We hold a team rally before both the morning and evening service blocks. All Servant Leaders come together in the auditorium for a few announcements, a quick encouragement, and worship before they begin serving with their teams.

Our operations department oversees team rallies, determining which announcements are most important to share and choosing who will host each rally. Gathering our volunteers together in one space reminds us that we are all moving toward the same mission regardless of where we serve. It’s a great time to center all of our teams around the VOUS value for the day and to prepare our hearts to step into partnership with God as we serve.


After we huddle as a large group, every team takes time to huddle before and after service. In the pre-service huddle, a Team Lead will share a few thoughts about the day’s value and how it relates directly to their team. Post-service huddles are for Team Leads and Service Leads to SWOT together. SWOTs are how we assess the day’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats so our staff can review and make improvements as needed.

Our operations department prepares the huddle notes given to every team for pre-service huddle — again, promoting uniformity and unity across all departments.

I want to highlight a few of our operations teams. I hope you can take something that works for us and use it in a way that works for you.

1. Parking Team — The first impressions team. They set the tone for the day. From the moment guests enter our parking lot, they are greeted with a wave and directed to a parking spot.

2. Growth Track Team — The front door of our church. Our Growth Track Team serves weekly to connect people to a team best suited for their gifts and strengths.

3. Connect Corner Team — The friendliest people at our church. Our Connect Corner volunteers are there for any guest who wants to share their story, learn more about VOUS, and get plugged into our community.

4. Venue Control Team — The team that protects our house. Venue Control ensures protocols are followed so no guest has to worry about safety while in church.

No matter what you are called to do, having operational teams is vital to success. The role of operations goes far beyond executing tasks. Each conversation with a guest is an invitation to partner with God in that person’s story. As the host team leads someone to their seat, they are ushering this person into the presence of the Lord. Operations teams actively bring guests into the mission, setting the tone for uniformity across your church or organization.

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