VOUS College of Ministry: Equipping the Next Generation


October 26, 2023
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Long before any of us took our first breath, God appointed us. Each person has a unique purpose — no two paths or callings look the same.


Whether God leads us into ministry or the marketplace, there is an equipping that takes place as we step into the plans God has laid before us. VOUS College of Ministry exists to champion the calling of students. Through a variety of programs, we offer an opportunity for people to start or continue their educational journey while being fully immersed in the culture of our church and gaining practical ministry experience.

A typical week for students is packed with valuable training. Students attend theology, leadership, and academic classes, participate in staff meetings, serve on Sundays and at outreach events, and gain practical skills in their track. Tracks focus on vocational experience and development in nine potential areas: creative, operations, production, worship, I Love My City (ILMC), VOUS Crew, VOUS College, VOUS High, or VOUS Kids. Students select a track based on their preference and track availability.

VOUS College of Ministry is built around six pillars:

1. Academic Advancement

With the belief that academics come first, we are committed to fostering a healthy environment conducive to lifelong learning through live classes, study halls, online resources, and more.

2. Spiritual Formation

We create space for spiritual growth and discipline through devotion, prayer, fasting, and biblical application practices.

3. Rest

Every student should be able to receive, reflect, and rest. There are intentional opportunities built into the program for students to pause, take care of themselves, and grow on their own time.

4. Leadership Development

More is caught than taught. Beginning as early as the first semester, much of the program focuses on building and empowering leaders.

5. Ministry and Vocational Training

This program prepares the next generation for more than a career path. Excellence in education extends beyond classes and curriculum to develop character, creativity, and genuine community.

6. Community Engagement

Commitment lasts better in community. Through Crews, group classes, and teams, students are placed in faith-filled environments designed to strengthen their spiritual, personal, and professional development alongside others.

Long before any of us took our first breath, God appointed us. Each person has a unique purpose  — no two paths or callings look the same. Whether it’s gaining a new degree, exploring church ministry, or strengthening gifts and skills, we want to create space for people to take the next step in their journey. With that in mind, there are three structured programs that fall under the umbrella of VOUS College of Ministry that people can choose from.

Degree-Seeking: In partnership with a university in Florida, this program offers multiple accredited degree programs for students interested in gaining ministry experience while obtaining either a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

VOUS Leadership: This year-long program is designed for young professionals who want to learn how to lead and operate at a high capacity in ministry or the marketplace.

VOUSternship: Our internship program is ten weeks dedicated to a fully immersive ministerial experience. It provides opportunities to dive deeper into theology and leadership training.

After applying, interviewing, and accepting an offer, people from all walks of life have traveled to Miami to be part of one of these programs. No matter where God takes them, VOUS College will always be part of their story. Read this excerpt below written by a student currently enrolled in the degree-seeking program as she shares her experience.

"I love everything about VOUS College, but if I had to state five of my favorite reasons, they would be the community I’ve gained, the leadership I get to work under, the ability to obtain my degree while also pursuing my call to ministry, growing into who God created me to be, and knowing that through it all, I am getting closer to Jesus and keeping him in the center.

It is truly an honor to be here and be a part of what God is doing. When I first came to VOUS two years ago, I was visiting my younger brother who was in the program. I immediately fell in love with the community he was part of. Reflecting back on that time, what captivated me most was that Jesus was truly at the center of it all. After a couple years of waiting for God’s yes to make the move and join VOUS College of Ministry myself, God gave me the go ahead to apply to a place where I already felt like I belonged.

Being here, I have such a sense of peace. A friend has always told me 'go where the winds of the Spirit blow you,' and this is where I believe he has brought me."

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