VOUSCon: From Concept to Creation


July 4, 2024
5 min read

While our message remains the same — to display the good news of Jesus, to celebrate the church, and to equip the body — our methods change.


Each year VOUSCon comes around, it’s an opportunity for our teams to stretch creatively. For all players from design to film, social to worship, to come together programmatically. While our message remains the same — to share the good news of Jesus, to celebrate the church, and to equip the body — our methods change. Much of this change happens through creative expression. 

Our creativity starts with our preparation. For the 6 months leading up to VOUSCon (January - June), our teams are laser-focused on programming, creating, and executing an unforgettable weekend. We’ve found that systems help to sustain the growth God is doing. If our teams have a structure in which to create, they’re able to expand, dream, and push the boundaries. 

Here are the core pillars of our VOUSCon Creative Process:

Concept Decks

All our work starts at the concept phase. Once we have a working theme (i.e. Future Glory) our teams will spend time dropping references, ideas, and inspiration. We use these to guide our output and operate in unity. References range a wide array of mediums: stage design, merch, film recaps, marketing GFX, etc. 

These concept decks will ebb and flow throughout the year as we further define direction and deliverable lists. For example, once our full VOUSCon 2024 program flow was defined, we went back to the drawing board to refine and expand our concepts for specific meeting openers, panels, worship sets, and more. This year, we even used 2024 as an opportunity to conceptualize 2025. No better time than being in the space to dream for the future! 

🔗 Here is an example of a concept deck.

Once our concepts are solidified, we're able to move on to the creation phase. Below are some of the final LEDs created from the concept deck above.

LED Flat Designs
LED Mocks
LED Flat Designs

CRTV Collabs 

At the beginning of May, 2 months out from VOUSCon, we began hosting CRTV Collab Nites. Each Wednesday from 5PM - 9PM our CRTV staff and CRTV servant leaders gathered at VOUS HQ to work on VOUSCon deliverables. This year we hosted 6 consecutive evenings for our teams to collaborate. 

These nights are a mix of execution and culture. We cater dinner, have an agenda to work through, and make sure to create an environment that stewards both fun and completion. We found these 24 hours of extra output pivotal when it came time for content checks.

Content Checks

Our working submissions are anchored to a series of department-wide content checks. These are scheduled times on the calendar when all programming teams review content submissions with leadership. We take time to evaluate each item following the flow of the PCO. Seeing the content within its context and not just as a standalone piece allows us to envision its overall impact and make the necessary adjustments. 

This year, we hosted 6 content checks, each Thursday in May and June. These were in direct alignment with our CRTV Collabs. Allowing our teams to knock out work on Wednesday set us up for a win on Thursday afternoon’s content check. For the final two content checks before being in the arena at VOUSCon, we hosted at our VOUS Miami Gardens location and worked to mimic the final LED output with center and side screens. 

🔗 Here is a sample meeting calendar with CRTV Collabs + Content Checks.

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