VOUS Kids Conference Essentials

Blaire Duron

July 7, 2022
5 min read

We hope the next generation will grasp that as they follow Jesus, they are blazing a trail, lighting up the night wherever they go because the light of Jesus lives in them.

Blaire Duron

I cannot believe that it has already been almost three weeks since VOUS Conference! We are continuing to celebrate the testimonies of life change and everything God did. But you might not realize that while VOUS Conference was happening, so was our VOUS Kids Conference!

I have the opportunity to lead in our VOUS Kids space. Every week, our mission in VOUS Kids is to develop leaders who are passionately in love with Jesus. Future world-changers grow more in love with God and his house through worship, interactive lessons, and of course, fun! It’s not babysitting — it’s leadership development. We are committed to this mission every week and carried it into VOUS Kids Conference as well.

Our theme for VOUS Kids Conference was Light It Up, pulled from John 8:12.

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."

We hope the next generation will grasp that as they follow Jesus, they are blazing a trail, lighting up the night wherever they go because the light of Jesus lives in them.

This was the largest kids conference we've hosted, and we learned some things along the way. I want to unpack a few things that we see as our VOUS Kids Conference essentials. Now that we are post-conference, I want to unpack a few things we see as our VOUS Kids Conference essentials.


One of our VOUS values is that excellence is our spirit. It is impossible to execute with excellence if we do not plan — failing to plan is planning to fail. We prepared for our kids conference just as intentionally as we planned for VOUS Conference. There were two things from an operational standpoint that made all the difference in the success of kids conference:


We divided the kids into six teams, with each team represented by a different color. They received t-shirts and merch based on their team color. We also assigned leaders to each group. Keeping kids with the same team throughout the conference helped them make new friends and maintain order, ensuring excellence and safety throughout the day.


One of the biggest priorities for VOUS Kids Conference was safety, so we ensured we had a strong and secure check-in and check-out process. We utilized an app called Procare, which gave a unique QR code to parents that we would scan to check their child in and out of conference. It also allowed us to communicate directly with parents, send updates as needed, and receive live counts of how many kids were on the property at any given time.


We created seven sessions over three days. Each session included worship, a message, and time at one of our six zones:

1. Sports Zone

2. Create Zone

3. Glow Zone

4. Team Time Zone

5. Game Zone

6. Show Zone

The zones were filled with all kinds of activities that fit the theme of that particular zone. Each team went to each zone once over the three days, making it something for the kids to anticipate. We set up a big carnival and field day zone on the last day, which was a huge win with the kids. Overall, having these zones kept the experience interactive and engaging.


It’s true that we are only as strong as the people around us, and I am still blown away by the team we had serving VOUS Kids Conference. We say that our church is not built on the talents of one but on the sacrifices of many. VOUS Kids Conference would not have been possible without our fantastic team of servant leaders. They gave sacrificially of their time, talent, and energy. They kept the flow of each day true to the schedule, helped ensure the children’s safety, and participated fully to make the experience more fun for the kids. I’m so proud to say that our team gave their all to help create an incredible kids conference.

These are just a few things on our VOUS Kids Conference essentials list. It truly was our honor to spend a few days investing in the next generation of leaders, pouring into them as their parents attended and served at VOUS Conference. We hope this encourages and equips you as you plan events in your kids ministry!

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