Sermon Collection: Mature [Us]


March 21, 2024
5 min read

Because we are always on the journey of becoming, we have a never-ending opportunity to grow not only as individuals, but in our relationships.


God designed us for the context of relationship. To walk in community with others is part of our DNA — partnership has always been part of God’s plan. When two healthy and whole individuals come together, it’s not just addition, it’s multiplication. 

The road of relationships is not a straight path. It twists and turns throughout the entirety of our lives. Because we are always on the journey of becoming, we have a never-ending opportunity to grow not only as individuals, but in our relationships.

We set aside time at the beginning of each year to talk about relationships as a church. We just wrapped a collection of talks called Mature [Us], spending four weeks exploring how to develop devoted relationships, go the distance, and continue to grow in love. 

Read below for a summary of each message in this collection. 

1. Better Starts with [U]

We can’t spell “us” without “u.” Relationships are made up of two people bringing their different hurts, perspectives, dreams, and hang-ups. Healthy relationships begin with healthy people — as you get better, we get better. When we commit ourselves to the process of maturity, God uncovers what needs to be addressed, upgrades us to the fresh version of ourselves, and unites us with those we are walking in relationship with. Maturity is an internal change with external ripple effects. 

2. Is This [Love?]

What is love? Some may say it’s an emotion, others may say it’s a choice. While the world has written many definitions of love, Jesus has the perfect answer to what love is (and what it's not). 1 Corinthians 13 gives us a beautiful picture of what it looks like to receive this love, and as we pursue Jesus, how we should pour it out to others. We can trade the love we know as emotion for one that is eternal. God clearly defines love, giving us a plan for how to shape our own behavior, how to treat others, and how to walk in love daily. 

3. [Sex] in Context

While it can be an uncomfortable topic, having honest conversations around sex is vital to maturing in our relationships. God designed sex as part of our identity, meaning it’s a topic that affects 100% of people. What God created for good, the enemy perverted, altering it away from its original course. The world’s definition of sex will lead us to sin, but God’s intention for sex will lead us to holiness. Sex out of context will leave us with consequences – the world’s distorted standard promises satisfaction, only to leave us empty, lonely, and lost in shame. Thankfully, we serve a God who is rich in mercy and full of grace. There is nothing beyond God’s healing hand of redemption. 

4. Before You Call It Quits

It’s no secret that relationships don’t always go as planned. We might start with the best of intentions yet find ourselves far away from the path as time goes on. Whether you’re single, dating, divorced, or right on the brink of throwing in the towel, there are key principles we can take from scripture and apply to our current relationship journey. Marriage is not about solving one problem, it’s about two people resolving to solve problem after problem together. Before we throw in the towel, it’s worth considering the consequences of our decision – like a row of dominoes, one choice impacts hundreds that follow. In a world that’s quick to call it quits, we can consecrate our marriage to God, putting our relationship in His hands. He takes the most painful moments and writes the most beautiful story. 


Relationships are God’s gift to us, and with every gift comes the responsibility to steward it well. As we encourage our church community to pause and reflect on the relationships in their lives, we always want to provide helpful resources. 

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