Sermon Collection: Mature Me


February 8, 2024
5 min read

It’s intended to be a constant prayer and invitation for God to show us how to respond in maturity.


Everyone grows up, but what does it look like to mature? 

We kicked off 2024 with a brand new collection of talks called Mature Me, centered around the topic of maturity. We’ve spent the last several weeks asking ourselves, “What would the mature me do?” This question is not meant to be a fleeting one, in our minds one second and gone the next. It’s intended to be a constant prayer and invitation for God to show us how to respond in maturity. Choosing maturity often goes against our nature. It looks like choosing the Kingdom way — forgiveness over bitterness, restoration over revenge, healing over hurt.

The life of Joshua is a case study on this topic. Each message has walked us through a season of Joshua’s life, leading us through his journey of maturity. While we can’t avoid change, we can choose whether or not we mature. 

Read below for a snapshot of each message.

1. The Promise is the Plan

Like Joshua, we will all find ourselves at the point of change – changing roles, responsibilities, cities, jobs. Life is marked by seasons of transition, and how we handle these transitions is an indication of our level of maturity, and if we allow it, God will use these moments in life to shape us, refine us, and mature us. While we don’t always know the plan, God does. He is the master architect holding the blueprint for our lives. In seasons that leave us in the dark without a plan, God promises us His presence, guidance, and strength.

2. The Challenge is the Change

Everyone faces challenges. While it’s easy to believe that if God is not present if He’s challenging us, the truth is that if He’s going to trust us, He will test us. Our pain has a plan and our trouble is training us. The challenge of habit, truth, and obedience transforms us from the inside out. Joshua’s victory hinged on his obedience – as he marched around the walls of Jericho, he chose to trust God even when he didn’t understand. Many times, we don’t want to fight like God because we think we’ll lose with His strategy. Obedience doesn’t just start, obedience finishes.

3. Grow Up

Scripture says that the result of Joshua’s obedience brought him fame with people. Most of us live our lives planning what we will do if we fail – but what will we do when we succeed? Immaturity prepares for failure while maturity plans on being successful. When we face prosperity and success, there are three habits we must establish: persist in prayer, pass the promise, and praise in prominence. We can trust that when God gives us something, it will always be big enough to share with others – maturity removes our focus from our own success and opens our eyes to see opportunities to bless those around us. 

4. Growing in Maturity – A Conversation with Pastor Denny Duron & DawnCheré Wilkerson

Pastor Denny Duron joins Pastor DawnCheré for a conversation around growing in maturity. Pastor Denny shares his journey of faith, when God’s call differs from our desires, how we choose to continue pursuing God, and what we do with what’s in our hands. 

5. There’s More to Life than Desire

In Joshua’s final moments of life, we get to see the fruit of his maturity throughout the years. His life is defined by his decisions; even though he didn’t always desire to follow God’s commands, he chose to walk in obedience. We must intentionally choose to bounce back, cultivate character, and embrace the call. When desire fades, decision lasts. 

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