VOUS Girl: A Sisterhood of Strength


May 25, 2023
5 min read

We’re called to champion each other, not with the goal of finishing first but to go the distance together. 


I remember it clearly. I walked into the auditorium with some friends, making our way to our seats toward the back of the room. I was surrounded by the sounds of animated conversations happening all around me as more and more women walked in. As the band came out and started to worship, the fullness of joy began to fill the atmosphere so tangibly that it almost felt like I could reach out and grab it. Sitting toward the back of the room gave me the best view — hundreds of women with their hands raised, gathered together to lift up one name: Jesus. 

Every raised hand represented different stories of challenge and triumph, each one testifying of victory and God’s continued faithfulness. 

After some time in worship, the hosts came onstage and announced — welcome to VOUS Girl

A few times throughout the year, we host a night we call VOUS Girl. Women from all over our community come together for a night of worship and encouragement. It’s one of the most special things we do as a church. VOUS Girl is a sisterhood of strength, a community of courage, a safe place for anyone to find friends.

The heart of VOUS Girl is to bring women into community together. It’s a space for us to link arms, lift each other up, and cheer each other on. It’s a reminder that we’re called to champion each other, not with the goal of finishing first but to go the distance together. 

There are a few things we do to ensure VOUS Girl is a night that honors and celebrates sisterhood. 

1. Thoughtful Programming

We are called to continually serve those around us. VOUS Girl is the perfect opportunity to pour into the women who pour out so much. While each VOUS Girl can look a little different than the last, we’re always thoughtful with our programming elements.

We kick off the night with worship, setting our hearts and minds on Jesus. Some of the female leaders in our church will take the stage to welcome the women in the room and help set the atmosphere. Someone from our pastoral team, often Pastor DawnCheré, will preach a word of encouragement. Sometimes we’ll include an altar call moment. Our pastoral and prayer teams will line up along the front and sides of the room, then we’ll open the floor for women to come forward to receive prayer while we worship.

At VOUS, we like to celebrate often! We end VOUS Girl the best way we know how — with an after party. We’ll move from the auditorium to the courtyard where there’s food, a photo booth, a DJ, and a dance floor. We wrap up the night building community and celebrating sisterhood.

2. Creative Elements

Our creative and web teams collaborate to put together a landing page that houses all things VOUS Girl. We’ll utilize touch cards, email blasts, and social media to get the word out and drive engagement to the website.

The website holds all of the practical event info like location, date, and time, with a link to RSVP. An RSVP is not required to attend, but it gives our team an idea of how many women to expect so we can best prepare. We leverage free event platforms like Eventbrite to gather RSVPs. With shareable VOUS Girl graphics, links to women’s Crews, and messages from previous VOUS Girl nights, the website is a great resource to get women connected.

3. VOUS Girl and Beyond

While VOUS Girl only happens a few times a year, it’s so much more than an event. The VOUS Girl community extends beyond just the night — it’s a sisterhood of strength for every season. There are a few ways we stay connected:

Morning Prayer

For the last couple of months, some women on our team have hosted an early morning prayer call over Zoom. Women from all over have gathered to pray together, declare truth over our lives, and be encouraged that we are not walking alone. It’s been sweet to see some of the VOUS Girl reach as women outside of South Florida join. 

Continued Conversation 

As we prepare for our next VOUS Girl gathering, we are writing a four-part devotional that will be released after VOUS Girl. The hope is that the conversation from VOUS Girl will continue beyond just that night. It’s a practical way to center our minds on Jesus and allow truth to take deeper root in our hearts. 

Connected Community

Real life change happens in the context of community. We are always looking to connect women to other women. We have women’s Crews that meet all over South Florida and online, creating a space for women to share their sorrows and celebrations. Our biggest next step for women leaving the room is to find consistent community in Crew.


No matter where we find ourselves on the journey, we can be confident that we don’t walk alone. There are women ready to walk it out together. This is a sisterhood of strength committed to the adventure ahead.

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